Banana ice-cream

DSC_0022I’ve tried banana ice-cream for several times and recently I do it more often. I love chocolate, cherry, peanut butter, vanilla variations, and I love to mix them together. I also think that it is a great breakfast option – ice-cream texture, natural ingredients, flavours of your choice. You can eat it alone or add some toppings: granola, crushed nuts, fresh berries.

I am going to share my favorite two, because together they make my favorite combination.


For 2 servings of chocolate ice-cream:

2 frozen bananas
1tsp of cacao powder
1tbsp of maple syrup or golden sugar syrup
2-3 tbsp of almond milk

For 2 servings of peanut butter ice-cream:

2 frozen bananas
1tbsp of homemade peanut butter
1tbsp of maple syrup or golden sugar syrup
2-3 tbsp of milk

Pour all ingredients into your processor and blend until smooth creamy consistency. To make this process faster, I freeze bananas chopped, so when putting everything in the blender, there is no extra time spent on chopping frozen fruits. If your ice-cream melts during this procedure, put it back to the freezer for a while.


The recipe is very versatile – you can add whatever you like to your recipe – frozen or fresh fruits, berries, nuts, syrups, spices – everything works just perfectly well.


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