Monochrome Easter

copyEach year we decorate eggs in the same, very traditional way – using natural dye (onions, spices, berries) or wax and dye technique. I am very lucky my grandmother taught me these techniques because I could pass them to my children and keep them alive. But this year I decided to play more, try new, maybe not ordinary ways to decorate Easter eggs. 

I also wanted to incorporate black colour, because in Lithuanian tradition it means ground and life. I have never tried this colour before, so while browsing for ideas, I’ve learned some new techniques.

1. Spraying. It is probably the easiest and fastest way. It only requires to have a well ventilated room, or you can do it outside.



2. Drawing. Sharpie is back! Easy, tidy, no special tools required. Make sure your hands are clean and not sweaty otherwise they can leave a greasy residue and ruin the pattern you already created.



3. Dipping. I love the concept, however, never tried it. Looks original and fun, easy and quick to make.


You may also like to check my Pinterest board where I keep all my inspiration photos. I hope I have some my projects to share with you on Friday or Saturday. Happy Monday and stay inspired!


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