Three miracles this week

DSC_0223Dresses, sunglasses, working out outside, picnics. It is finally here – my dream came true – everything seems to be in order now, because of Spring. Everything seems much better when it is warm and sunny.

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Birthday inspiration

DSC_0063I was always keeping my birthdays to myself. I remember only one birthday party – the day I turned 24. It was great time with perfect people around. However I just convinced I was so right to keep this only for me all these years.

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Fighting stress

DSC_0004-(2)Today I experienced the situation which caused me much stress. I had a visit to my doctor and simple procedure needed to be done. However, I am so afraid of doctors, I hate needles, paper work there and specially I hate being sick. I always considered myself as a very healthy person – I used to never catch a cold when everyone around me is sick, I never had any other diseases and now, when it happened to me, I feel so bad, that I cannot even express myself.

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