Making good choices

copyEach April is cleaning/detoxing month and everybody is sharing tips on how to clean your body, wardrobe or house. I am most interested in mind cleaning.  Because when it is packed with important and not important things, it is harder to concentrate and focus on daily tasks. Here I am sharing things I discovered as helping to clean your mind. 

1. Decide what people you want to surround yourself with.

It is repeating tip, but just because it is so important. People around you also make influence on who you are. Be with those you can learn from, so you could improve yourself. Also stay with those who you love and can be helpful for, to grow and be surrounded with love you generate yourself. Say goodbye to all relationships which are stressful and meaningless. Make more space for new people and adventures.

2. Do only things you believe in.

Believe in your dreams and do everything to make the come true. Works hard on this. Also, avoid activities you find meaningless, try to always find a purpose to everything you do. Be honest to yourself, do not afraid to quit whatever it is what you’ve started if you see no point in it. Rest instead. And focus on things which make you happy.

3. Stop worrying about things you cannot change.

Stop watching news, being angry because of the weather or traffic. There are plenty of things we cannot change but we get angry about them everyday. Ask yourself if you do everything you can to fix the situation. If so, leave it like it is and focus on other tasks.

4. Accept the world the way it is.

It is similar tip to number 3, but there is something else I want to tell here. Lower your expectations. We usually are feeling unhappy even if we have everything we’ve dreamed about. It is because we usually find  small details we are still not satisfied about them. Think big, do not focus on details.

5. Find at least one way to add more love in your life.

Charity, volunteering, helping friend, everything works. Besides your daily tasks: job, kids, school, dogs, find something else to do . Select anything what adds extra value and love to your life. Be happy about it and enjoy.

6. Be alone sometimes.

We usually forget to spend some time for ourselves only. Go for a walk, star knitting, reading books, but do it alone. Giving time for yourself really helps to calm down and clean your mind. I like to go to my office on foot. It takes mote time and energy, but I listen to music and make some plans.

Even if you are going to take only one tip, I wish in your life you get less action, but more quality. And more love. Because nothing else creates more value than love. Happy Friday!!


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