Expanding small space

5102589862_8c4007c08a_o-copyWe were browsing new apartments in Vilnius one day, and what we discovered, is that apartments are getting smaller. My parents house is huge comparing with the biggest new apartment I could find. I know this trend of living in tiny spaces is spreading all over the world and it makes me sad. How can you fit in one room apartment of 20 square meters?

I know there are some benefits of living in small place – it is cheaper to buy it and furnish it, it has limited space for storage, which means less useless stuff and less time and energy spent on housework and cleaning.

Since we are moving in two weeks, I already started looking for tips and tricks on decorating different spaces of a house. I can definitely tell now, that some DIY projects are going to become tutorials on the blog. But today I’ve put together few tips on how to visually expand your small space (for reference – we are moving for a bigger place, however, for me there is never enough space)

1. Painting walls.

If you are going to paint/repaint you room in one colour, choose something very light. If you are willing to use two colours, make sure they are opposite in colour wheel – that would create more action in the room. Choose one colour as dominant, and second one – as an accent, highlighting the best part of the room. Thirdly, if your colour is not matching ceiling colour (which should be white), paint your walls leaving an inch thick white/ceiling colour line. That will visually expand the room.

2. Lightening.

Make sure all the corners of you room has lightening. Add some to your cupboards, shelves, put some light in corners. Concentrate form the middle out, not concentrating all light sources in one place.

3. Light furnishing.

Large objects move from the centre to your walls, crate as much space as possible. Divide your room into zones, if necessary by changing lightening, wall decor, rugs, but not putting high and heavy furnishings in the middle. Everywhere you can, use sheer objects to let the light go through easily and preventing large shadows in the room.



4. Stripes and curtains.

You can also play with some patterns around your room. To expand the room by adding stripes in direction you want to make visually wider – carpets, wallpainting would work. Also by hanging long light curtains right from the ceiling would help to expand the room vertically. If you do not have any curtains, or you do not like blocking the sunlight, choose sheer whites.



5. Mirrors.

This is nothing very new, but mirror can help a lot. Place it in the well lit are, so the light could bounce from the window to the mirror and then into the room. It is also creating extra space visually, so investing in pretty mirror is probably a must.




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