Three miracles this week


What a happy Wednesday! I feel very much alive – grass is finally getting green, sun is shining and my winter coat is put away for next winter. As you already know, my mood and health depend on season and weather, I am totally a summer person. So, after the Easter everything is much better, at least for me.

1. Sleeping at moms house.

It was Christmas when we last time visited Irmantas mom. This time we’ve spent three days at her place. It was so strange but so fun at the same time. I love visiting Irmantas mom, I wish she lived closer to Vilnius.

2. Easter.

Visiting friends and family is always very happy experience, as well as having Monday off. You know, it is always good idea to celebrate and I am very happy we have a reason for that.

3. April is here.

You’d say it is not a miracle? But it is. April is a month of my birthdays and from very young age I remember myself celebrating whole month. I do not consider it as “my month”, but more like month of Spring, life, warmth and happiness. The real miracle in the nature really happens in April.

For next week I wish we can safely move from one place to another. We will start packing on weekend and then move on maybe next Thursday. I wish everything goes well. Happy Wednesday!


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