Boosting immune system

boosting-immunity-systemboosting-immunity-systemAfter graduating from my university and starting my ‘adult’ life, which contains work, stress, rush and coping with idea that you cannot always do what you want, I noticed my health is not that good anymore. I used to be the healthiest person among my friends – almost never ill in winter, never having strange diseases, always energetic and optimistic. I still remain optimistic, and I do my best in controlling the work load, however, I sometimes feel my body is failing.

Comparing my lifestyle during my studies and now, I find the reason why is this happening quite easily. And paying attention to these a lot recently, I say it works.

First of all, you should pay more attention to your mental health. Make sure you do what you really love for living, because if you are stressed to go to work everyday.. Is this the life you want to live? And if you feel that knitting or sewing is the thing you want to do, just make the best from it, do not let yourself forget what you love and do easier but less exciting thing. Also, make some time for yourself. I like meditating, walking dogs, listening to music while walking alone. It also helps to relax and feel that you own your time. Lastly, make sure you spend each day reasonably. Plan ahead if you need, or do it spontaneously, but do not let yourself watch youtube videos for 6hours, but do something good your your body and mind.  You should enjoy everyday and spend it reasonably.

Second – your body. Boosting your mental immune system is very important, but the body you live in needs more attention too. Make sure you move enough. Our body is created to move, and if we do not do it, it gets sick. Next – what you eat is what you are. Do not eat too much and eat well selected food. You already know the best immune system boosters, but do not forget to incorporate them into your day:

Berries (specially dark) – blocks viruses, also have antioxidants and a lot of vitamins.
Button mushrooms – for antioxidants, selene and vitamin B.
Almonds – for vitamins B and E, riboflavin and niacin, which help with fighting stress.
Broccoli – All dark green vegetables have vitamin B and iron which is important for your blood quality.
Citrus fruits – full of vitamin C and flavanoids – these help to boost immune system.

Make good choices. Do not postpone it to next day or next month. Take care of yourself right now, so you could enjoy healthy living and concentrate on adding extra value to it. Happy Struday!


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