Breathing deeply


This is the week when everything changes. Not only the place we live in, but also the concept – we now live two of us, in a apartment, but not in a room, we do not need to share it with anybody.

Our anniversary was also this week – April is a month when we found each other, and I like to celebrate it.DSC_0213-Recovered

Both of these events made us much closer to each other. We started creating plans for our new place, we also learned a lot about each other while packing, unpacking and managing all the process itself. It was our first moving out experience and I am happy we did that. I am also happy it is done, because we both are tired a little.


The pictures of this post is from our afternoon walk in the park we have near Vilnius. That was the perfect relaxing time – just like I love it – sitting on the grass, breathing deeply, absorbing warmth and light, walking with our dogs and just having great time away from city, dust and noise. Only four of us. I find this part of our lives much more important and special than any other. Isn’t the life amazing?



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