I love you

DSC_0011copyI remember the day when we became a couple. It was exactly one year ago. We knew each other for a while as neighbours for sometimes, but one day he invited me to visit my favourite town in Lithuania – Kernavė. It was cold and windy day, the Moon was full and the town was silent. It was the most romantic evening I’ve ever had, that is for sure.


I love dynamics in everything, I love adventures and spontaneous decisions. Even though I try to structure my life in my head and make logic decisions, the best, I found, are always made when thinking with my heart.That was exactly what happened that evening: my adventures began together with a man with same approach.


It would be very long post, if I tried to put all events in one place, so I will use my love of making lists:

– we became a couple
– Irmantas spent 2 months in Oban, Scotland
– I moved in to live together
– we got engaged
– we got married
– we started a blog
– we adopted second dog
– we moved into new place


Isn’t it much for one year? Maybe, I don’t know, but I love the way our life goes on. And I know so many adventures are waiting for us in the future. For all these opportunities I thank my lovely husband every day. I call him my star. He call me a miracle. I couldn’t be happier.



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