Three miracles this week

DSC_0235April is my favourite month of the year because of many reasons – it is my birthday, it is warm and nature is waking up. I also feel the “april – month of cleaning” vibe strongly – beginning with my mind and soul I like to tide my home make plans for summer. This year this month brought new experiences, some of them very exciting, some of them not that good, but I do appreciate all of them and treat each as a lesson for myself.

1. We finally moved into bigger place.

I’ve mentioned this before, but that was the crucial for both of us. Now we live in bigger place, dogs can have their own place, we have a lounge for guests, a dinning area and bigger kitchen. Although it is only a week we live here I can already tell the difference. I think it already made influence in our life quality and made me happier.

2. Gringo learned the command “sit”.

We are still learning about each other – only month and a half passed from that day when we first saw Gringo. I’d say he is family member for sure, and we’ve learned not only how to communicate with him, but also how to train him and make this friendship the best we can. Learn one command is much for me and for Gringo. Many to go, very excited to see how it goes.

3. Homemade pizza.

No surprise – we love homemade food and I’ve shared benefits of cooking at home many times. When it comes to pizza, we almost always order it, because it’s faster. For us it is an option for situations when we cannot make anything at home. But this time I made it on my own. It was actually three pizzas, since I am always afraid to us still be hungry after dinner. I have no special recipe to share, but what I’ve learned again, is homemade food has much more positive energy and love in it. And it is always the most important part – doing everything with love.

For our next week I wish we could finally settle in our new place properly, for me to learn patience and to give more energy and attention to our relationship, because after all, nothing but your family lasts forever.


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