Fighting stress

DSC_0004-(2)Today I experienced the situation which caused me much stress. I had a visit to my doctor and simple procedure needed to be done. However, I am so afraid of doctors, I hate needles, paper work there and specially I hate being sick. I always considered myself as a very healthy person – I used to never catch a cold when everyone around me is sick, I never had any other diseases and now, when it happened to me, I feel so bad, that I cannot even express myself.

I cried. A little. I did my best in not letting my fears overwhelm me, but I couldn’t help it, so I cried a little. And now, when everything is ok, I do through the situation again and I am actually proud of myself, because I made it. I was alone in the hospital, I had to put myself together and just do it. And it actually went much better than I expected. So I decided to share some tips and what I actually did on reducing stress level, so maybe you  find it useful as well.

1. Calm down.

When the stressful situation occurs first you have to do is take control of it. You may not have a possibility to change the situation, but the way you feel about it depends on you. Once you find yourself giving in, you have to admit you are in stress and calm down. There are some methods: breathing deeply, thinking about something funny or calming, distract yourself by start doing something – organising you purse, check your phone, looking into a mirror or whatever else you have on hand. What I did was I told my doctor I am nervous and then I sand a song in my head.

2. Do something ordinary or treat yourself.

After you calm down you probably need some time to go back to normal levels of tension. At least I do. So for that  I love doing something very ordinary, but calm and treat myself at the same time.It can be a chocolate or nice cup of coffee, it can be a face mask and a movie, it can be walk in the park listening to music, reading a book or something that can work and you enjoy. After that you are ready to come back to the situation and beat it.

3. Come back to the situation and beat it.

When you feel better, come back to the situation. Never leave it like it is, because next time you will be as stressed as the first time. What I like to do is think about what happened and find the reason why the situation was that bad. Maybe you’ve lost control of it? Maybe you were lacking of knowledge about what is going on and felt helpless? Maybe things turned not the way you wanted? Whatever it was, find the way to control it next time and accept what happened. What I did in my situation – I first decided that I have no right to pity myself because nothing bad actually happened and being a little bit stressful when you do something for the very first time it totally normal. Then I did a research on the internet about my case and learned it is not a big deal at all.

So, this is the way I like to handle stressful situations. I hope these tips are helpful, because what I’ve learned is that our health, mental and physical condition depends on how we handle stressful situations. Each time we are getting emotional, or angry, or really nervous our immune system is getting worse, so we should never let any situations control ourselves.

P.S. I hope this post was not offensive to anyone. I also hope no one got the expression that I am whining or something, because todays experience simply reminded me that we can stuck in silly situations and see no way out.


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