Birthday inspiration

DSC_0063I was always keeping my birthdays to myself. I remember only one birthday party – the day I turned 24. It was great time with perfect people around. However I just convinced I was so right to keep this only for me all these years.

I do not like personal attention, and sometimes people, who learn it is you birthday, feel they have to say something for you. I do not like presents, wishes and all that stuff. Because I do not like for other to do something for me and I also do not know how to thank them. I usually do that in my mind, but sometimes it’s complicated for me to express that. Writing a blog is a solution I guess. I can write things I am too afraid to say.

So today I am turning 27. I remember myself in my last school years – I thought being 27 means having two or three children, serious job and lazy lifestyle. I can say nothing like that right now. I am happy I have husband – my best friend and life partner. I am happy I have a better job, than I could ever imagine, I am grateful I have friends. I always do what I like and I never stopped dreaming. I will never grow up in a bad way and I will never get bored. For these things I am sure. And all other stuff do not really matter.

DSC_0147 DSC_0086

I know now I have everything I ever dreamed of and it is enough for me. I don’t need to struggle on anything, or whine about things I could have. Life gives me lessons I need and people who may help. What else should I need?

DSC_0046 2014-05-24 15.27.09-1

Today I feel grateful and happy. I wouldn’t change a thing. I only wish more people could feel this way. Happy Monday!!


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