Three miracles this week

DSC_0223Dresses, sunglasses, working out outside, picnics. It is finally here – my dream came true – everything seems to be in order now, because of Spring. Everything seems much better when it is warm and sunny. 1. Blooming sakuras.

We have a small sakuras garden in Vilnius centre. Each year we celebrate Cherry Blossoms blooming, because it is the sign of real Spring. Me and Irmantas we both visited this garden during the peak activity period for the very first time. And even most of my friends are annoyed by selfies in the shadow of sakuras, we also made some photos. And I think it is much nicer to share that photo instead of ‘me and the mirror’ selfie which is exactly the same as other one thousand ‘me and the mirror’ selfies. DSC_0071 2. Walking to my office and back.

Since we moved to other part of the city, I actually never had a chance to explore all paths to my office properly. Yesterday together with Gringo we went home from the office. It took 1 hour and 15 minutes, I had to take Gringo and bring it home at the end, but it was totally wort it. I discovered new way through peaceful park to get to my office. I also decided to go to or from my office every  day as a part of my working out routine.

3. Pugs meetup We participated in pug meetup for the very first time!

It was new, strange, but fun and nice experience – I saw 11 pugs at one place. I love watching them playing and sniffing around, their faces and body shape are so cute and funny at the same time. We are definitely are going to participate next time as well!

For next week I wish patience and strength and love – I have to visit my doctor for my test results, we also have to make sure Knutas is getting the best help as possible for his terrible disease, I would also like to work more on my projects (ok, knit a little) and do some research for my future ones.

By the way, my colleague once asked why we count a week starting on Wednesday? Because do it ordinary – start on Monday – is boring. Mondays do not look that bad this way.


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