Gluten free banana muffins

DSC_0028Good for breakfast and as a treat. You can have one or five, doesn’t matter. Gluten free, healthy and relatively quick dessert. The recipe also have vegan version.

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Step by step

DSC_0062I am recovering from my surgery I got on Monday. I feel fantastic, not only physically, but mentally as well. I still need to wait for the results and learn whether I have to do something else regarding my disease or not. It will probably require a few more tests in future years or two, but even in a worse case scenario, it would just be another simple surgery and I am totally fine.

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Herb butter


I don’t know if it can be considered as a treat, but for me – it does. Making something very simple into something very special – that is what makes me happy. Every day I try to surround myself with things that are special, so I could enjoy them and feel lifted all the time. Same with food. Why you should keep simple butter in your fridge instead of having herb butter?

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3 miracles this week

DSC_0120I suddenly noticed that it is fifth month of the year. Time passed so quickly! I remember the New Years Eve so perfectly ell and it seems it was yesterday. I am sometimes scared about time running so fast.. And Summer starts it two weeks..

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Beetroot salad

DSC_0041More I learn about healthy living, better I understand that the best foods are always the simple ones. Don’t let me even start about fruits being the best fast food, let’s stay in “salads for each meal” stage. I guess I am stuck there, however I do not feel any doubts, only excitement and happiness.

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