Infused waters


I am terrible at drinking water. I watch people at the office drinking one glass after another, Irmantas also drinks a lot of water randomly, and I just cannot do it. I’ve tried some methods, and I am willing to try more.

I know, that water is a key to healthy life – I experienced this myself. There was some periods of time (two -three weeks) when I managed to drink a least 6 glasses of water a day. My skin got better, my concentration improved. I could also say, that my vision got better as well, because even I wear correct glasses, I sometimes feel tired, and then my vision really sucks. Water definitely helped. Now I am struggling still a bit, but now I can manage 4-5 glasses per day.

There are many articles on the internet regarding this topic. Most of them say you have to drink at least two litres of water everyday. Others say you have to drink as much as you like, and if you are not active, you can drink less. I do not know the right answer, but I try my best to stay hydrated. Here are the methods that helped me:

Reminder app. There are bunch of apps that reminds you to drink water and also calculates how much you need. I personally use this one, but I have to admit, I do not always follow the reminder immediately.

Having a favourite glass. That really helps me – having a nice glass really makes me reach it much more.

Fruit, berries and herbs infused water. For me drinking water is boring, maybe that is why I am struggling. To spice things up a little, I started to add some flavours. For me a glass of water becomes fancy and interesting drink that way, and I can play with different flavours each time.


These ar probably the most popular, but also my favourite combinations: Lemon + fresh rosemary, orange + basil, cucumber + mint. Add few ice cubes in the end and voila! Stay hydrated!!


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