Walking in the nature

COVER Ever since I learned I have health issues I cannot stop thinking about improvements I could make to prevent similar diseases in the future. To be honest, I was first shocked – I cried a lot and I sincerely thought I am going to fight this forever.

DSC_0437I never trusted doctors and I never visited them except the specialist for my back issues. I was always thinking I can get well myself without medicine. And I was almost always right – all winter diseases I had I went through without single pill. And then happened this.

I was so scared that I didn’t know where to go and whom should I trust in this case. And for the first time, probably, I decided my doctor would know the best. I believed her when she said it is serious, I believed her when she said everything is going to be ok. And I was right again. When I asked her what should I do to improve my health and stay healthy, her answer was a surprise for me. She said “eat well, rest well, move and stop worrying – stress is what makes us unhealthy”. She said nothing about supplements, tests or other treatments I do not believe in. She said our body heals itself, all we need to do is take care of it. Do we always have time for it? No. But we should find extra hour or two in our day to prepare our meals more attentively, do some exercise, relax and be in peace.DSC_0457

I am happy we moved a little bit away from city centre. I mean, it is extra 15 minutes, so it is not that far. But the surroundings are stunning. This place in pictures is actually in the city. A huge park of untouched nature, birds, spring and beautiful old trees.. I walk to my office through this amazing place everyday and I usually come back the same way. Or I come back by bus, then take Gringo and we go for a walk for at least an hour. So it is two hours per day in the silence and peace. Isn’t it simple?DSC_0470DSC_0466



One response to Walking in the nature

  1. i feel the same way about taking medications and my body seems to heal itself as well, except for the time it didn’t (such as your story) hahaha. These pictures are absolutely stunning by the way!


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