3 miracles this week

DSC_0120I suddenly noticed that it is fifth month of the year. Time passed so quickly! I remember the New Years Eve so perfectly ell and it seems it was yesterday. I am sometimes scared about time running so fast.. And Summer starts it two weeks..

1. Today is my name day

In Lithuanian religion Milda is a goddess of love and freedom. On May 13th we celebrate pagan ‘Valentines day’ – it is traditional gathering which includes bathhouse, making flower wreaths, singing, bonfire, and traditional games. I am happy we have alternative for the real Valentines day, because for me it became more marketing thing rather than real fest. Besides, Milda’s day is in Spring.

2. Mint tea

We finally have wide window panes to grow some herbs and spices, and first one I bought were peppermint and basil. Both are growing fast and it seems they like it there. I started drinking fresh mint tea again – it reminds me of Morocco I visited 6 years ago and I absolutely love it.

3. Scout camp

I visited scout camp after long period of time. It was lovely – not only faces I’ve missed so much, but also the spirit, nature, adventures. Only when camping you notice how much there are stars in the sky, how nicely smells new grass and how calming is the sound of running river.

For the next week I wish more creativity. I had no time to add some finishing touches to our apartment yet, so I think I could do something about it. And also, spending the weekend for knitting, or other crafts would be amazing.


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