Herb butter


I don’t know if it can be considered as a treat, but for me – it does. Making something very simple into something very special – that is what makes me happy. Every day I try to surround myself with things that are special, so I could enjoy them and feel lifted all the time. Same with food. Why you should keep simple butter in your fridge instead of having herb butter?This recipe is just amazing also when you have guests and want to add some effort to your table. Of course, you need a main dish to serve the butter with, but small details are also very important. Depending on herbs and spices you put into your butter, you can serve this with fish, chicken, baked potatoes, on quinoa, couscous or anywhere else you desire.3

I love garlic and dill butter the most, because it reminds me traditional lithuanian kastinys. My grandmother taught me how to make it, but it is time consuming, so I prefer this quick but very nice butter option.4993db0c58233d1d5905f5d8d3efa8763d6d0c581b692f8c36064ee99dab8489

All you need is:

200g of butter (room temperature)
1 garlic clove
fresh dill (lets say, 2 tsp of chopped dill)
couple of basil leaves
pinch of salt and pepper
2 tsp of lemon juice

d8832ac66555bda023be7289cb75789bb10db900e6cd689a6f9713bb28a903b7Chop the herbs and garlic as fine as possible. Put all ingredients into a bowl and mix them well with a fork or a mixer. Put the mixture on the plastic wrap and roll it into thick roll. Leave the butter in the fridge for at least couple of hours to harden.


That is it! I hope you are having a nice weekend!


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