Run away

DSC_0219coverEscape from the city – that is my Sundays desire. Each weekend for me is opportunity to run away, somewhere nice and quiet, and I do my best not to skip it.

Nature is very important part of my life Рas long as I remember myself the forest was the place I can rest and reflect. Nowhere else but in forest I feel so alive and so close to the great spirit of living. I love picnics, hikes, or any other form of active of passive way of living in the nature. Probably this is the reason I joined scouts movement 16 years ago. And, to be honest, I could live in a hut in the middle of deepest forest, but  lithuanian weather is not friendly enough.

DSC_0268I also learned that nothing else but good emotional state is a key to good immune system. In this crazy world we each need to find our own corner to be ourselves and do things we like. In a shadow of current life changing events I feel it even stronger and I also started questioning the life we all are living. Is it all? Is the life a rush each morning to your job and back? Is it vacation once or twice a year? Or is it daily walks with the dogs, writing a book, knitting, napping in a hammock, taking pictures, being with people you love, volunteering, working out and having magical moments with cinnamon latte and great book? What happened to me just kicked my ass. All the bad stuff (specially diseases) happens only because we do something wrong. I choose doing it right.


Wake up early. Stop whining. Do things. Enjoy.


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