Step by step

DSC_0062I am recovering from my surgery I got on Monday. I feel fantastic, not only physically, but mentally as well. I still need to wait for the results and learn whether I have to do something else regarding my disease or not. It will probably require a few more tests in future years or two, but even in a worse case scenario, it would just be another simple surgery and I am totally fine.

I thought it was a great time to talk about changing lifestyle and improving your health, even though it wasn’t my disease the reason I got into living healthier at all.

How that happened that we develop so fast and we are able to create almost anything we want – look at the buildings we have, computers and other technology, we can even fly, but we do nothing to improve our health and lifestyle in general. We’ve created a washing machine, so we do not need to  do laundry ourselves, but does it give us more time in a day? No, because we watch TV instead. Our shops are packed with food, but is there anything good? Which of the bright colourful packaging says the product inside is better than actual fruit or vegetable? What do you do before/after your job or school to improve your health and strengthen your body?

There are so many areas in our lives, we should rethink before it is too late. I’d like to share some steps I took in order to change my life. These are baby steps comparing with the ones I am going to take further, but we all need to start somewhere.

1. Throw away all preserved and semi-finished products

These are the most harmful stuff you could ever eat because of the ingredients. These are always made of the lowest quality products. The process of preserving is harmful itself, so no matter you do it yourself or buy a can from your shop, it is equally bad. If you have a possibility to get fresh and good quality fruits and vegetables in summer, better freeze them or dry them, but do not preserve them (I always have some dried tomatoes I dried myself, as well as frozen berries).

2. Make all your sauces yourself

It is actually the same as the first one, but sauces are also counted as poisonous stuff. You can easily make tomato sauce or mayo by yourself. All homemade food tastes better and has more positive energy.

DSC_00373. Replace white flour with gluten free flour

I recently decided to reduce all baked goodies to a minimum, but when I need something, I use gluten free flour (rice and buckwheat are my favourites). I also look for recipes where the amount of flour is minimum comparing with other ingredients, so the dish (well, it is almost always a desert) is healthier. Let’s say banana bread (I will post my gluten-free banana muffin recipe on Saturday for Sunday treats) – it does not even require much flower anyways. Or brownie. It requires an enormous amount of chocolate. But almost no flour.


4. Search for milk alternatives

I am totally ok with dairy – no allergies what so ever, but we all know that we shouldn’t even use other animals milk when we are adults, right? It is better for your skin and stomach to avoid dairy as much as possible. Look for protein alternatives – tahini (for salad dressings and hummus), chia, sunflower seeds, nuts, and milk alternatives. You can easily make some almond milk at home if you need some for your breakfast of coffee.

5. Add some salad to each of your dishes

It seems so to eat raw food all the time at first. But we have to do our best. Adding raw salad to each of your dishes makes you eat more raw food. You can get so many different flavours and textures and colours on your plate. For me those colours are the symbol of life and happiness.


6. Be active at least 1 hour per day

I first found it difficult, but now it is ok. I downloaded an app which tracks my steps, my speed and workout duration. It takes 45mins for me to go to my office. So on days when I go to my office and back, I already have 1.5hrs activity which is fast walking. I also walk Gringo for at least 2km after my job, which is also 30mins of walking. And if you count morning yoga routine (10-15mins) it is over 2hrs a day of being active. And it is not complicated at all.

7. Sleep well

I am now going to sleep one hour earlier than I used to. I can already tell it is a difference in sleep quality, not only the length. The day is brighter and I feel more than wonderful and can do much more and my mood is better than ever. And I have zero regrets on replacing watching the series on the sofa to sleeping.


I hope this post inspires for changing. We all deserve better life full of colours and love. Love your body and your soul, be wise about all decisions you make, take your life into your own hands instead of listening to commercials on TV. Think on your own, don’t let anyone else live your life for you.


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