Lazy afternoon


I once believed that as long as you do what you love you cannot get tired. Specially on my age. However.. I have to admit that everything you do with love and attention  requires energy. And more you are motivated and involved in what you do, more energy you use. I am honest to myself I am not afraid to admit I get tired.

Sometimes adults act like vacation or lazy weekend is some kind of luxury. I think spending time to yourself is more important than anything else. Only with proper attention and love to yourself you can actually be healthy and happy – that is what I believe.


Today I did a lot for our new project in the morning, so afternoon was dedicated to happiness, laziness and treats. Here is a recipe for perfect Sunday afternoon:

1. Get some sun
2. Take a nap
3. Pick some flowers
4. Do your nails
5. Bake something (banana muffins again )
6. Watch movie
7. Do some yoga
8. Use a face mask – pure honey preferably

DSC_0039 DSC_0044

To get some rest and treat yourself – it is something I have to work on a little bit more. And being less hard on myself would also help. Maybe it should be my July’s resolution? Love yourself more.



One response to Lazy afternoon

  1. That afternoon sounds lovely. Spending time with myself is something I’m trying to do a lot more of as well and I find it helps so much in being able to enjoy other people. Nice photos as well 🙂


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