1,5h by train and then 10km on foot. That is how much it takes to reach our perfect  summer house. Of course, it would be much easier to drive there, but I do not drive.

One Friday, completely exhausted, I just decided that I have to take few days off. I am kind of saving my vacation days for a longer trip later this year, but the long period without any vacation just made its own. What I decided to do was take two days off, combine them with three-days-weekend and get a 5 days vacation. So I took Gringo with me and took a train to my vacation.


First of all, it was very hard to leave the city for longer time with no internet connection and laptop. I was also strange to have longer time not thinking about the job. And it was strange but also very exciting to finally be able to be in the nature in summer time. First day it felt awkward being alone in complete silence. But soon I’ve learned it was exactly what I needed.



My husband joined me next day. We decided that “doing nothing” was the best vacation ever and the best decision made for our health and happiness. We’ve learned that freedom is what makes you happy and safe at the same time. That waking up in the morning, looking through the window and then deciding what to do today is the sign of happiness. That eating outside is nice and reading a book in old maples shadow is calming. Discharged phone is not a problem anymore. Being surrounded by the forest and its sounds is something very special and magical.


We also picked some wild strawberries and blueberries for freezing. In winter, when the days are darkest, we will take them out for rich smoothies. I know for some people it sounds strange, but we do pick berries and mushrooms in the wild nature.


The best part that I can enjoy this magical experience together with Irmantas. I always believed the idea of sharing all the experiences with someone else. Because what is it worth the life, freedom and happiness if you have no one to share it with? I’d love to catch this moment and never let it go.


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