Mondays at downtown

DSC_0066-copyI am not a going out person at all and I am homemade food fan for so many reasons, however.. Summer makes us move a lot more as well as discover new exciting things.


Since I got well after my surgery we are able to travel more – that’s what we do on weekends and I love travelling by car because it makes me feel  independent. For weekdays we started discovering Vilnius in new angle – food places. As I mentioned before, I an a homemade food fan, because I like to control exactly what I eat and how the food was made. On the other hand- it is a great inspiration for future cooking experiments.


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What I’ve learned so far is that even street food can be fun. I also learned that I sometimes forget simple but nice food options when cooking at home, such as tomato soup, vegan burgers and indian curries. Each time I meet some friends that I haven’t seen for a long time, and, of course, Gringo receives a lot of attention and bunch of compliments on the street.



I think that going out is a nice way to relax and forget all the serious stuff. I do not like all that buzz and weekend craziness and noise, but  I only recently discovered that Monday or Tuesday are the perfect days for going out when all the cafes and restaurants are more or less empty and you can enjoy the moment with your friends or family (or alone) and not being disturbed by anyone else.


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