Fall is here. We are back

coverFall is here and winter is coming. We are back.

Not that we wanted a break, but it happened naturally. We had amazing summer this year and we already are looking for the next one. We finally came up with the plan of our lives (or life, it is one for both of us, isn’t it?), we already started some projects and I am definitely going to sheer those in upcoming weeks.


I missed blogging a lot. We decided to take a break because of so many trips and business stuff we had no time (or energy, to be honest) to blog. However for me it is great way to document my life, reflect and appreciate everything the universe is giving us.


These photos were taken today. I know for some of you picking mushrooms and berries in wild nature may look strange or even illegal, but for me it is the most exciting fall event. Christmas is next event I am looking for 🙂


I have no special announcements right now, but couple updates for the future posts. We also decided to post 3 times a week, not everyday, because it helps to create better content and make posts more put together.


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