Miso soup

TitulinisSome healthy fast-food? Yes please! Did you know miso paste is a great source of magnesium, copper and zinc? It also contains vitamin K and helps with digestion. I never knew it is so easy to make some at home. The flavour is fantastic and it is so comforting in winter time.

The best part in this recipe is that you can use whatever you have on hand – there is no chance to spoil it. Let me share the combination I love the most.


For 2 bowls of soup:

2 tblsp of miso paste
500ml of water
1 small carrot
6-7 mushrooms
1 tblsp of dried seaweed
a pinch of sesame seeds
some spring onions
a splash of soy sauce

Boil the water. Mix Miso paste in separate bowl with some water, then pour it into the boiling water. Turn the heat of. In the pan saute sliced carrots and mushrooms, sprinkle sesame seeds.

Into a serving bowls put dried seaweed, sautéed vegetables, pour the miso mixture on, sprinkle the onions on top. Add splash of soy sauce if you need.

That is it – it is actually not only tastes good, but is actually good for you. Just make sure you use organic miso soup and soy sauce.


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