We finally did it!

12065911_501918893300935_8621981786725602129_nI am very happy to finally announce that our knitwear range is finally launched!

It all started few years ago when I decided to take sewing and clothing construction classes. I was so bored of my life at the time, and sewing seemed something I already know a little, so I thought, why not. It was actually fun and something so different from my job, I really enjoyed crafty and creative activity.

However, I became unavailable to buy clothes at stores anymore. I became picky to details, materials, stitching quality etc, because I knew how perfect seams should look like and how the pants should be cut. I search all the stores and there was nothing for me to buy.


The idea of creating my own clothing was always in my mind, but I was lacking of courage and motivation to start. Then I met Irmantas and we both started this dream about having our own range together. We simply decided to buy a knitting machine and start with simple accessories and sweaters, since knitting is something I was good at . We bought one couple of months ago and after 10kg of waisted thread we finally have our first products out. I know they are super simple, but for me the quality and the fact it is handmade means a lot.

il_570xN.841913786_sdr2 il_570xN.852220045_enjn

I strongly believe that if you have a dream it will come true if you really want it. These are the first steps of our dream..

Please support us on social media, that means a lot for us!

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