Resolutions. Again.

DSC_0162We were very exited last year create new resolutions and start making them true. However, last year was a real rollercoaster for us. Everything changed – new apartment, new job for Irmantas, unexpected surgery for me, learning how to knit, our dogs cancer and death. We failed in so many resolutions, but we also gained so much knowledge about what we want to do and how, thanks for these great, not always pleasant experiences. I am now so happy that finally, in my late twenties I found my way and maybe one day I could say all my desires and dreams are fulfilled.

We started this year with some promises – some of them are not real actions at all, but feelings and thoughts. This is the real source of everything that happens around us, and no one else, but us, can actually control that. So this time our resolutions can seem quite silly, but for us they make perfect sense.

  • Sleep longer. None of us is morning person. That sucks, because we need to wake up at 6am. We decided to stop whining about it and go to bed earlier. Yes, we miss extra hour in the evening, but we feel much better in the morning, the day is much more productive and the mood is better. This transition was easier for I that for me, but now I am very happy about this new habit.
  • Exercise. I love yoga and will always practice it at least for my spine. However, we decided to exercise more to get stronger, healthier and more fit. We started the gym, I also take yoga, callanetics and pilates classes. I even started running and I hope to increase my stamina a bit.
  • Take short term classes to learn more about the things we love. We’ve already started this last year by taking several cynology classes. I also signed for writing class and I want to take one on sewing or drawing in the end of the year.
  • Love your body more. I believe each of us have several ideas on what it means to each of us. For me it is easting vegetables (raw, in my salad, preferably) and moisturise. The cystic acne is almost gone already!
  • Have more dogs. Knutas passed away in October. That is why I had no inspiration to write anything for a while. But we have to move on, so we already have new lab Frodo! He is 2.5 moths old and he is black. This, of course needs separate post to properly introduce him.
  • Have more projects. It is not enough to have a job for us. We need more. Blog, knitting, dogs training – these are the projects that inspires me. This is the place where I can be creative and free. I want even more projects, though. We’ll see what this year will bring.

I stopped planning all the details. I know that time comes for everything and what we need the most now is to have dreams. We have drams to visit Paris (because we failed last year) and Valencia, we also have a dream to have a road trip and we have some other dreams. I’m sure that future will show us when and how exactly to make them true.

I love having dreams, by the way.




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