Spring inspiration. Managing stress

DSC_0339Long time no see! So many things happened during our absence, that I am not ever sure where to start, but I hope to update on everything in upcoming posts. The main thing is probably us now having three (!) dogs.

Three months of this year are already passed and now we are in the middle of my favourite month – April. I usually contemplate on my life a lot during this time of the year, and, even though the idea of Spring makes me very happy, it also makes me feel stressed too. The lack of sun, vitamins, outdoor activities and colours makes me sad, and it always kicks the strongest in the end of March.

Through the years I learned what helps me to go through this period, release tension and feel happier and more rested, so I decided to share these tips in my return post.

  1. Change your routine. It is proven that at least 80% of our thoughts are repeating every day. That means, we feel the same way everyday. To change that, you need either to create new habits, or at least break your routine with changing some details. When I feel stuck or my life gets too overwhelming, I like to change my playlist I listen when going to my office and back (by the way, the playlist you loved 10 years ago can bring some great memories too!), try new nail colour, go to another grocery store, maybe cut my hair, or start gardening.
  2. Have silence time. When you feel stressed and your world starts spinning too fast, there is no better place to recover than your own silence. I started having silent walks every day and I can tell already that it not only calms you down and makes you forget your worries, but also creates a space and time where you can spend some time on your own personal or emotional growth. I personally like listening to singing birds, or running water, or visit a downtown, where I can grab some coffee and enjoy the architecture, or visit an art gallery. I prefer not to listen to any books, or music during these walks, because silence is what makes me to absorb the beauty of being the best.
  3. Do something you are already good in. Spending time on something you are already good in creates a satisfaction and joy. Gardening, knitting, cooking, painting or whatever is not only therapeutical, but it really makes you feel good about yourself. Maybe even increase your confidence or at least enjoy the moment.


All in all, taking some time off the daily routine is the best way to stay organised and productive in this crazy world. And maybe stop doing whatever is that you do, and enjoy the moment, is something I have to learn to do without questioning.


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