Healthy apple crumble recipe

14876124_10210965256513091_1767582019_oApple pie is something I always loved and going to love forever. Warm, with vanilla ice-cream on a side.. Oh, heaven! I’ve decided to  eat healthier and choose less heavy alternatives of desserts some time ago, so apple crumble is what I satisfy my apple pie cravings. and it is amazing with coffee or tea for those chilly autumnal weekends.

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Very special pancake recipe

14793987_10210877356075635_1620334062_nI think that food is something we always remember and it is great for locking memories in, like grandmothers cinnamon rolls or moms pancakes. Every Sunday we had pancakes or crepes for dinner as kids. For me it is something very special and always reminds careless days, so as adult I try to make them on Sundays for breakfast. However, traditional pancakes are not very good in nutrition and for those weight conscious are not super healthy either.

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Butternut squash and pomegranate salad

14696857_10210832627117439_1960758075_nEverything tastes like pumpkin now. And that is good, this is what Fall is all about. Nice cozy warming spicy and fragrant food. I always rock my pumpkin-lentil soup at this time of year, and recipe for it is coming very soon, however I felt adventurous another day and decided to try salad, including butternut squash I picked in my grandmothers garden.

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Spaghetti and vegan meatballs

14628239_10210804982986353_2112784368_nI used to question vegan versions of non-vegan dishes in the past. I do not understand why these dishes should be made non-vegan style. I believe there are certain dishes that are the best in their original version, like shepherds pie or chili. However, I recently changed my opinion about burgers – I think vegan burger is a great way to introduce more proteins into my diet and also add another texture to a food. I’v tried several recipes and I have to admit I finally found few variations I likes, and, most importantly, they were good enough  for my husband to like them too!

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