Spring inspiration. Managing stress

DSC_0339Long time no see! So many things happened during our absence, that I am not ever sure where to start, but I hope to update on everything in upcoming posts. The main thing is probably us now having three (!) dogs.

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Resolutions. Again.

DSC_0162We were very exited last year create new resolutions and start making them true. However, last year was a real rollercoaster for us. Everything changed – new apartment, new job for Irmantas, unexpected surgery for me, learning how to knit, our dogs cancer and death. We failed in so many resolutions, but we also gained so much knowledge about what we want to do and how, thanks for these great, not always pleasant experiences. I am now so happy that finally, in my late twenties I found my way and maybe one day I could say all my desires and dreams are fulfilled.

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Step by step

DSC_0062I am recovering from my surgery I got on Monday. I feel fantastic, not only physically, but mentally as well. I still need to wait for the results and learn whether I have to do something else regarding my disease or not. It will probably require a few more tests in future years or two, but even in a worse case scenario, it would just be another simple surgery and I am totally fine.

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Fighting stress

DSC_0004-(2)Today I experienced the situation which caused me much stress. I had a visit to my doctor and simple procedure needed to be done. However, I am so afraid of doctors, I hate needles, paper work there and specially I hate being sick. I always considered myself as a very healthy person – I used to never catch a cold when everyone around me is sick, I never had any other diseases and now, when it happened to me, I feel so bad, that I cannot even express myself.

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Boosting immune system

boosting-immunity-systemboosting-immunity-systemAfter graduating from my university and starting my ‘adult’ life, which contains work, stress, rush and coping with idea that you cannot always do what you want, I noticed my health is not that good anymore. I used to be the healthiest person among my friends – almost never ill in winter, never having strange diseases, always energetic and optimistic. I still remain optimistic, and I do my best in controlling the work load, however, I sometimes feel my body is failing.

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Making good choices

copyEach April is cleaning/detoxing month and everybody is sharing tips on how to clean your body, wardrobe or house. I am most interested in mind cleaning.  Because when it is packed with important and not important things, it is harder to concentrate and focus on daily tasks. Here I am sharing things I discovered as helping to clean your mind. 

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