Birthday inspiration

DSC_0063I was always keeping my birthdays to myself. I remember only one birthday party – the day I turned 24. It was great time with perfect people around. However I just convinced I was so right to keep this only for me all these years.

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Monochrome Easter

copyEach year we decorate eggs in the same, very traditional way – using natural dye (onions, spices, berries) or wax and dye technique. I am very lucky my grandmother taught me these techniques because I could pass them to my children and keep them alive. But this year I decided to play more, try new, maybe not ordinary ways to decorate Easter eggs. 

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Colour inspiration. Dusty rose

sky-rosecopySpring is here. We went to a nice camping area near the city with couple of our friends yesterday for some barbecue and coffee. The sun was really warming and the weather was nice. I was listening to birds, and river nearby and suddenly I realised that all cherry and apple trees will bloom in a month! Because I am waiting for this to happen, I thought, I would share my Spring inspiration, which is my favourite colour – muted pink.

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Trip to Panama

panama-gross2xDo you remember this book? I do, it was my favourite. I remember my parents reading it to me when I was little. I can still remember characters, I can still feel the story and it is still nice and fun to read.

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Three style icons

Three-style-iconsI have never considered myself as a fashion person. However I am so attracted to people who have their own style. What I find interesting in them is their persona and courage to look and act the way they like. It inspires myself to be more open and brave. Today I am going to share some of my favourite persons I feel inspired about.

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