Healthy apple crumble recipe

14876124_10210965256513091_1767582019_oApple pie is something I always loved and going to love forever. Warm, with vanilla ice-cream on a side.. Oh, heaven! I’ve decided to  eat healthier and choose less heavy alternatives of desserts some time ago, so apple crumble is what I satisfy my apple pie cravings. and it is amazing with coffee or tea for those chilly autumnal weekends.

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Broccoli and peanuts


I once invented this recipe by accident and I love it. The broccoli and peanuts combination is new to me, but it’s phenomenal. Coconut milk – perfect heavy cream replacement. And finally – black rice. Everyone knows black rice is much better option than white rice, but not everyone knows how to serve them. It is also really easy to put together, it takes as long as it takes to make black rice. So, to sum up – perfect and filling protein, fiber and greens combination.

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Herb butter


I don’t know if it can be considered as a treat, but for me – it does. Making something very simple into something very special – that is what makes me happy. Every day I try to surround myself with things that are special, so I could enjoy them and feel lifted all the time. Same with food. Why you should keep simple butter in your fridge instead of having herb butter?

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Beetroot salad

DSC_0041More I learn about healthy living, better I understand that the best foods are always the simple ones. Don’t let me even start about fruits being the best fast food, let’s stay in “salads for each meal” stage. I guess I am stuck there, however I do not feel any doubts, only excitement and happiness.

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Banana ice-cream

DSC_0022I’ve tried banana ice-cream for several times and recently I do it more often. I love chocolate, cherry, peanut butter, vanilla variations, and I love to mix them together. I also think that it is a great breakfast option – ice-cream texture, natural ingredients, flavours of your choice. You can eat it alone or add some toppings: granola, crushed nuts, fresh berries.

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