Expanding small space

5102589862_8c4007c08a_o-copyWe were browsing new apartments in Vilnius one day, and what we discovered, is that apartments are getting smaller. My parents house is huge comparing with the biggest new apartment I could find. I know this trend of living in tiny spaces is spreading all over the world and it makes me sad. How can you fit in one room apartment of 20 square meters?

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Ice cube tray

DSC_0433Fresh lemonade, flowers and cold drinks season is back. Which also means, a lots of ice cubes. I don’t know how about you, but I do not drink any ice cold drinks when it is cold outside, so for me it is a brand new start again in terms of learning new cocktail recipes and serving options. To be honest, I forgot how versatile ice cubes can be and how many options ice cube tray has.

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Succulent replanting

DSC_0345Spring is the best time to take care of all your plants at home. I am planning to plant some herbs, I already have some seeds. But first I decided to take care of my lovely succulent. I do not know the exact name of it, I just took it from my grocery store once because it caught my eye.

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Everyday deeds in charts

oIpwxeeSPy1cnwYpqJ1w_Dufer-Collateral-testI very do believe that everyday deeds of ordinary folk can keep darkness a bay, as Gandalf once said. I am so sure that taking care of your house, making yourself great breakfast and taking long evening walkings with both dogs can be the stable base for your happy life. For me happiness is having a home.

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How to dry your shoes

DSC_0188Oh, isn’t it beautiful when it’s snowing outside?… Or…or… That warm rain in summer, and that amazing smell after? Yes, but everybody HATES when their shoes get wet –  you can easily get cold, your shoes get ruined and finally, it is so uncomfortable. If that would be not enough, drying winter shoes takes so long.

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Knitting for beginners II. Yarns and needles

DSC_0016After selecting a project you want to knit yourself, examine the garment very well so you could choose proper yarn for it (that is why I said that selecting real clothing piece for the first knitting project is the best for the beginners). Take it with you when buying yarn (please, no online shops for the first time..), so you could compare few yarns and have a better understanding of what you need.

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