Resolutions. Again.

DSC_0162We were very exited last year create new resolutions and start making them true. However, last year was a real rollercoaster for us. Everything changed – new apartment, new job for Irmantas, unexpected surgery for me, learning how to knit, our dogs cancer and death. We failed in so many resolutions, but we also gained so much knowledge about what we want to do and how, thanks for these great, not always pleasant experiences. I am now so happy that finally, in my late twenties I found my way and maybe one day I could say all my desires and dreams are fulfilled.

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Baked pears

DSC_0056I always considered myself as healthy person – comparing with our friends, we live quite a healthy lifestyle – spending more time outside, no fast-food, no TV, walking dogs etc. However, when learning more and more about what does it mean to live healthy, I found out there is plenty of room to improve for us. So recently I started working out (since it is the first time after my surgery when I am capable of moving), looking for new healthier recipes, changing some old habits (ok, I mean white sugar-no white sugar anymore!).

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